disposal dis‧pos‧al [dɪˈspəʊzl ǁ -ˈspoʊ-] noun
1. [uncountable] when someone gets rid of something they no longer need or want:
disposal of

• European Community environment ministers agreed to tighten controls on the production, transport and disposal of waste.

2. [countable] COMMERCE FINANCE an asset that is sold, and the act of selling it:

• The disposal of the 34 stores will allow the company to concentrate on its most profitable operations.

• Continuing its asset disposal program, the car maker agreed to sell its 12.5% stake in the energy company.

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disposal UK US /dɪˈspəʊzəl/ noun
[U] ENVIRONMENT the act or process of getting rid of something, especially by throwing it away: »

This agency regulates the disposal of hazardous substances.


The manufacturing process is being changed in an effort to reduce waste disposal costs.

[C or U] FINANCE something that is sold by a company, such an asset, property, or part of its business, or the act of doing this: »

The company is looking at the disposal of non-core operations.


The official blamed lower sales on the disposal last year of assets that did not fit into the retail-and-luxury empire the company is trying to craft.

make a disposal »

The supermarkets group is required by the competition authorities to make disposals as a condition of the merger.


Sales by volume, excluding acquisitions and disposals, rose 3%, up from 2.5% in the first quarter.


No firm timetable was set for asset disposals.


The company has launched a disposal programme to generate cash.

[U] FINANCE, BANKING a situation in which it is stated that a debt does not need to be paid or will never be paid: »

The company also put aside 5.29 billion yen in reserves for disposal of bad debt.

at someone's disposal — Cf. at someone's disposal

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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